What you should know

The Crispery Crispycakes™ are all handmade in small batches as well as hand cut. Therefore each and every bar depending on batch and flavor will vary greatly. The approximate average size on each individual bar is 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 2" and weigh approximately 6 oz. each.

All of our cakes are produced in a 100% nut free facility.


The Crispery Crispycakes™ have a guaranteed shelf life of 6 months. Though keep in mind that our Crispycakes™ can last for several months if simply kept in a stable room temperature environment and must kept and their original package or another seal bag to ensure freshness, not too hot and not too cold is the best way to keep them soft and gooey.

Summer Months/Warm Climates and Chocolate Crispycakes™:

During the summer months, approx. May - September, The Crispery cuts down about 90% on the production of the chocolate Crispycakes™. All other flavors are in full production. Please be advised that if the customer chooses to order any of our Chocolate Crispycakes™ during this time we will not take responsibility for the product coming in melted. Therefore, we recommend to take caution when ordering any chocolate products if you reside in a hot zone or during the summer months.