Have Impeccable Taste, Send Sweet Treats

Have Impeccable Taste, Send Sweet Treats

While we may be experiencing an unprecedented time when we are unable to gather with friends and family to celebrate special occasions and accomplishments, we are hopeful that soon we will be able to get back to spending time with the ones we love. Even if we can not attend special days and celebrations in person, it is important to recognize our loved ones and show how much we care. 

Special Days & Causes For Celebration

From birthdays to graduations, many times call for us to show our adoration for the people in our lives. The calendar is full of opportunities for us to honor our mothers and fathers, family members, friends, colleagues, and peers, with tokens of our gratitude and praises for accomplishments. When we can not be there in person, we can send gifts that express our feelings and show our support. 

Delicious Deliveries

Whether your loved ones are on the other side of the country or just next door, sending a special delivery on a special day shows that they are important to you. Sending tasty treats instead of the traditional flowers is becoming a popular way to create a memorable gesture is sure to be hit. And for people who have a sweet tooth, nothing is better than receiving a mouthwatering CRISPYCAKE™.

A Sweet Surprise

The Crispery’s CRISPYCAKE™ makes headlines as the tastiest treats to hit the streets in the specialty foods market. With a range of options in exciting flavors, The Crispery’s Crispycakes make the perfect gift for any occasion. Elevating the favorite crispy treats of our childhood, these Crispycakes make the ideal gift to send as they do not melt in high temperatures and easily serve up to four people each. 

Crispycakes are all hand made and come in over 50 exciting combinations of flavors and added treats to make a gourmet sweet treat that is sure to please. Perfect for any age, these cakes are always goose and soft, never dried out, hard or sticky. Never sticking to your fingers, Crispycakes are easy to eat and always leave you wanting to try more. 

Show Your Love In The Sweetest Way

When you want to show your love, express your gratitude, offer your congratulations, or simply send a message that someone is important to you, visit The Crispery’s website to pick from their extensive menu of hand made CRISPYCAKE™ and rest assured that your message will be received in the sweetest and most memorable way.


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